Business Check Stock

Image Compatible Business Check Stock

In 2004, with the Federal Reserve initiative to implement check imaging and the growing popularity of this technology, we introduced image compatible check stocks.

These stocks include the courtesy amount “drop out” area, a microprint signature line, the padlock icon and other security features that exceed industry standards. This stock has your “Pay to the Order of”, “Dollar Amount”, date and signature line pre-printed to “drop out” when imaged.

These stocks support MMS version 2.3.1 and above as well as all our SmarterStarter® clients.


Standard Business Check Stock

These check stocks are completely blank with a single-color background. The stocks do not have “Pay to the Order of”, “Dollar Amount”, date or a signature line pre-printed on them.

For our clients still utilizing our standard personal check stock, Blauser Technologies will upgrade your current software to our image compatible stocks at no charge.