Loan Coupon Books

Printing loan coupons in-house offers our clients several powerful advantages.

    • Reduce Costs. With each coupon costing 2 cents to print in paper and toner, your new coupon book costs are:

One-year coupon book = 24 cents
Two-year coupon book = 48 cents
Three-year coupon book = 72 cents
Four-year coupon book = 96 cents
Five-year coupon book = $1.20

  • Increase Service. Having the completed coupon book ready for the closing table completes your lending package and eliminates late arriving first payments.
  • More Costs Savings. With the coupon books no longer needing to be mailed, our clients can save up to $3.00 per book in postage, stationery and labor expense.
  • Ease of Use. To save time and reduce error, the loan coupon books can be printed with information from your core system or lending platform. The coupon books can be printed using laser printers already on hand. No special hardware is required.
  • Our coupons print image ready for item capture. Our loan coupon design includes the courtesy amount “drop out” box and other necessary symbols for proper item and branch capture.
  • Escrow coupons too. Our loan coupon software can print the escrow amount clearly stated on each coupon.


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Christmas or Vacation Club Bookets

Still a staple on the deposit side of the business, this module allows these booklets to be quickly and affordable presented your customer when they open the account. Books may be printed dollar amount specific or with a range of preprinted amounts that the customer circles. We offer the Christmas or Vacation Club module as part of the loan coupon module at no additional charge.

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