Personal Check Module

With consumer needs changing (and encoders ever harder to find) our Micro MICR Systems personal check module is becoming a community financial institution necessity.



Providing personalized checks at your new account opening is the type of service only a community bank or credit union can provide.

Our SmarterStarter® envelopes are a quick and convenient way for your new customer or member to manage their new personalized checks.
Our new video shows you how!


Personal Checkbooks

It is a simple fact. Folks are writing fewer checks.

Our personal check module is the perfect solution to your ever-increasing low volume “I only write a dozen checks a year” checking accounts. Check our new video and find out just how easy it is to offer personal checkbooks on demand.

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For less than $10.00, you can print on demand a complete order of business checks (with deposit tickets) ready to be slipped into a convenient three ring binder. Take a minute and learn how with our new video here.

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