OFAC – WatchDOG Mandatory 2023 Update – Version OFAC 2.23.1

  • OFAC Version 2.23.1 Update Installation Guide
  • Download OFAC Update exe. file
    • Because the update has to be run from a PC/Workstation that already has the ability to run the MMS-OC software, we recommend that you save the update file to a location on your network that can be accessed by one of those PC/Workstations.
    • If your PC/Workstation can run the MMS-OC software, you can save the file to your desktop.
    • All users must be logged out of the software and you must have all rights to our directory for the OFAC update to work. The update should not be run from the server.

Q: What changes should we expect with this migration?
A: All settings, users, features and functions in the new cloud environment will migrate seamlessly and remain the same as they are today. However, users will access WatchDOG Elite from a new URL from the day of migration forward.

Q: Which Cloud System is WatchDog Elite moving to?
A: WatchDog Elite will migrate to Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud platform. Earlier this year, CSI announced its partnership with Microsoft and intention to rebuild many of its solutions in the public cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Q: Why is CSI migrating WatchDOG Elite to a cloud-based environment?
A: CSI’s public cloud offerings create more reliability than traditional data centers by reducing on-premises mainframe dependencies. With the resiliency and elasticity necessary to accelerate digital transformation, our cloud-based digital solutions allow financial institutions and other organizations to improve product speeds and responsiveness to evolving customer demands. CSI’s cloud migration will also ensure greater agility, flexibility and scalability while mitigating cybersecurity risks.